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Liner Notes: 

10 minute one.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

Can pain fall from the sky?
Can rain make you want to die?
Why do I keep asking why?

Will the rain ever end?
Can I ever be whole again?
I have lost by best friend

It's heavy rain
A downpour
I can't maintain
My sanity anymore
It's heavy flooding
It's getting darker
By the hour

You were my lover
Now you're gone forever

When will the clouds part?
How can I heal my heart
I don't know where to start

Repeat chorus

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Whoa. Super intense. It just drips with sadness. This would make a good moody indie piece.

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Deep, interesting everyone including me has taken the dark side of rain.

kahlo2013's picture

Nice and concise with a clear sense of the darkness of loss.

tjeff's picture

Nicely done! The sadness comes through and heavy rain/downpour metaphor works perfectly.

IA's picture

Sad song. I feel everything behind these words.

It's somehow really fitting to the theme tho i also love rain. It's emphasis somehow.

Excellent skirmish

tcelliott's picture

I like your use of questions to start the lyric. Yes, this is pretty dark but not unlikable.