Give Me Back My Spring

Give Me Back My Spring

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Liner Notes: 

This year was the wettest, coldest spring I can remember. My lizard soul was quite unhappy.


Now listen here Mother Nature
We’ve gotta have ourselves a chat
I’m tired of all this heavy rain
Inside I’ve sat and sat and sat and sat

And if you may recall, ma’am
I’m a desert dwellin’ soul
So please kindly turn off the rain
So my heart can be consoled

I need some
Sunshine on my shoulders
Oh the blue sky in my eyes
A warm breeze blowing through my hair
And the flowers’ coy surprise

I need some
Dirt under my fingernails
And a nap on the swing
So I’m beggin’ pretty please, ma’am
Give me back
Give me back my spring

Oh I think we can strike a bargain
Oh I think we can make a deal
I think I’d give just about anything
For the sun to feel and feel and feel and feel

So how about my first born?
On the crossroads we can meet
I’ll gladly follow you to hell
Cuz I’m dying for some heat

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I love it! Your vocals sound fantastic, with both a boldness and a shimmer, and the extended “sat and sat and...” line is so playful! A very polished rendition for a skirmish song, you powerhouse, you!

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Nice jolly tune. I like the sentiment. Sung with great passion. Good images. Nice skirmish.

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This one has some razamatazz! BTW we had a two week spring also.

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I really love this one, the lyrics fall like rain, The meter and rhyme just build. Great vocal and music bring it home.

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Fantastic! Love that chorus. Your phrasing and that guitar pause is so perfectly placed for effective emphasis. The lyrics are so relatable from the spring here too - but more recently an oppressive heat wave!
Give me 82 and dry with a mostly sunny sky!

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Sounds great, strong vocals. Like the upbeat groove and the occasional stops. Great chorus!

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Sounds like a good one to perform live in the middle of a thunderstorm. It has a fun quality to it that I can totally dig. Good chorus.

IA's picture

Powerful vocals!

I absolutely enjoy the rain, but I sympathise with fickle weather and weather and weather and weather. Biggrin

Inventive stuff! You make it memorable.

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Your images sing out the perfect day. I like how you repeat sat and fell on those lines. Nice effect!

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I love the chorus "I need some" and how you jump in after that line and then brings it to a halt with "bring me back my Spring": it really wraps the chorus' as focus points