Slow Down

Slow Down

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Liner Notes: 

Song skirmish - and I'm late posting. That's ok cos I did what I was told and Slowed Down.... see what I did there?? Anyways, it did take me a bit of time to kick start this one


Slow Down

Ever since, since we met
You’ve been moving like a jet
Never finish what you start
Why do find, find it so hard

Slow down
I’ve got matters to confess
They maybe trivial
But nonetheless
Slow down
So I can talk to you
You spin so fast
I can’t keep up, you know it’s true

I wondered if I was cramping your style
I move ten paces, you run a mile
There’s lightning lapping your heels
But do you understand how it feels




I never can tell what’s going on
Your story changes then your gone
Seems like yesterday but time is ticking
Take some time, sit, tell me what you’re thing


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I was a little late too but this was worth any little wait! Love the idea you came up with-one partner faster than the other. Good one!

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Great lyrics and really catchy rock vibe! Great skirmishing - glad you decided to jump in! Smile

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Cool sweet song. Some people are faster than others but they also make more mistakes. Nice work.

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love the rocking propulsive rhythm that moves the song forward. excellent skirmishing