Slow Down

Slow Down

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Liner Notes: 

Here's my try for the great prompt! Love to have some music for it.


Slow down
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Slow down
Sing a tune
Sit a spell
And watch the moon

Take it easy
Listen to
Some old time rag

When you take life really slow
Play guitar or a little banjo
Before long you won't need to go
When you decide to really relax
Play some piano or a little sax
You stop needin' to grind that ax

Lazy ain't as crazy as it seems
No lazy ain't as crazy at all

Slow down
Bide your time
Doin' nothin'
Ain't a crime

Take it easy
On a porch swing
Sit and ponder

Repeat chorus

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Really nice and I love the use of the musical instruments in the chorus. Oh, and "lollygag"!! what a great word - fits this prompt perfectly.

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Love it!! I’m getting a bluesy swing vibe. May I take a stab at it?

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i like this quite a bit. it has some nice rhymes and i like the bridge