slow down

slow down

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What will happen if you try to slow down?
lose momentum
crash to the ground

what will happen if you hit the brakes?
out of control
do you know what's at stake?

What will happen if you try to relax?
When you let your guard down
is when they attack

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I like the relaxed vocal take. It works well with the guitar. This ends rather suddenly, not sure if it was on purpose or not. But it was kind of fitting right after the attack line.

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Ah hell yeah, this is excellent! Your signature short jam packed with messaging and angst and passion! I love each verse framed as a question! This is an awesome take on the skirmish!

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And thought provoking.
What will happen?
Some of us are afraid to find and if that attack out so we just keep going. Great guitar and vocals as always!
In that rut now.

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Really cool! I’ve enjoyed all the different versions of this skirmish, which may be a first for me. It did end abruptly - I wanted more but, on the other hand, it kinda fits with the song’s attitude.

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I always love hearing the different takes on a prompt. This is original and so good!

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Terrific! This just oozes with tension and anxiety. Great skirmishing!

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Great chord choice, very fitting for the passive aggressive (to me anyway) delivery of the vocals. Tremendous.

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Oh wow let's go to Paranoia Superstore and stock up! Excellent, I'm rattled. No, let's have a beer instead. Really enjoyed this.

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I beg to differ...
Still a fantastic tune you got here, tho.
Really effective ending for sure.
Another winner!!

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Great take on the prompt, very thought provoking and deep. The rhythm has a sense of urgency to it with works nicely against the message of the lyrics. I love the delivery of the vocals, there is a nice calmness to them. Great skirmish!

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i like the perspective of this. eyes shifting side to side paranoia and that feeling as a kid (for me at least!) when you run down a hill too fast and know you can't stop, same goes for the psychological equivalent, nicely done.

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Vocals, lyrics and your guitar. I never fails when it all comes together.

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This got me thinking about sharks, and before I wrote something about how they die if they stop swimming I thought I'd be sensible and check to see if it's true or not. Which means I have you to thank for the title of my next album, "Obligate Ram Ventilators." (Because yes, it's true, but only for some species including the Mako and the Great White.)

As an expert summary of modern life, delivered with quiet menace, this is tremendous. Terrifying, yes, but brilliantly done as ever.