Slow Down Baby

Slow Down Baby

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish (one hour to write a song) prompt 'Slow Down'. After a late start it was written and recorded in one hour. For lyrics I used all of the words from the FAWM lyric cloud generator for the words slow, down, and clumsy. The last verse is a mash up of all the leftovers.


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Slow Down Baby
Guitar tuned open Dsus4 DADGAD

8am call arrived snake-like turned thoughts to dying
Confirmed conversation appeal to death
Wondered eighty year-olds
Instilled artificial breaths

Insignificant mind power waveband rushing
Watch the street turn against the rim
Az hold god ticked showing
Police set bell sad limousine

Slow down baby for parlors sake
Bordeaux contacts marsh mallow polyester
Sidewalks place unashamed nice break
Dreams stood techniques touch saviour

If I finish this song I will still have time for a nap
Euphoric conceptions outlive clumsy
southern inspection suwannee slap
Watching crocodile dundee

Yo cased flirty hoo tiga yuou
Euston fight beast bones hall told
Care expanded fool heaved
skulls go

Repeat Chorus

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The phasey effect is cool. And the chorus is a nice contrast to the verse. I see you got your nap in the lyric. And that last bit seems a bit surreal in a good way.

sam sorrow's picture

dreamy and contemplative. I like the phase on the guitar

johnstaples's picture

Very interesting guitar with all those sus4's gives this an ethereal feeling! I like the effects on the guitar too! Lyrics are reminiscent of some of my favorite T.Rex songs from years gone by! Nice work on the skirmish!

kahlo2013's picture

Love that swirly guitar and chord sounds. Love the introspective feel to this.

sbs2018's picture

Wow! Loved the opening. Totally took me by surprise. So “I am the Walrus” vibe.

cindyrella's picture

This is so much like my dreams. Strange but so cool!

Scubed's picture

Very trippy and very cool! Those dark, foreboding images weaving in and out around the DADGAD distortion are quite chilling. Great skirmishing!

Cicpisces's picture

Creatively unique. Has a very experimental feel. Lyrics are pure abstract but conjure up many images. Nice skirmish.

Zeekle's picture

Cool, trippy and psychedelic spring to mind. The lyrics are just weird, but in a good way, it's an amazing concoction of words, music and sounds - great take on the prompt.