Where Did You Go?

Where Did You Go?

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Liner Notes: 

So I originally wasn't sure if I was gonna do 50/90, but I figured I would just let stream of consciousness take over. It's good to get number one in the bag.


Dig a hole into my skull
Find me out
Lose your mind again
Every time I feel like it's only a moment until...

Where did you go?
Staring in the mirror, why can't I see?
Where did you go?
I cannot believe what I can see
Where did you go?

Let me go
Letting go will save myself

I can't stay the same
I can't stay the same
I can't stay the same

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this song us built around a great guitar riff. and lyric concept., love the way it evolves into metal hysteria.

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nice riff there. It's a mix of metal and depeche mode. I wonder how it would sound if you whispered all before 'where did you go?'

We certainly can't stay the same... no one fishes in the same river, nor the same river could bathe you twice. Nice concept!

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That's some nicely haunting guitar work in the beginning, and although I'm not big on metal myself, I can appreciate the way you escalate from that light, haunting touch to crunchy metal power chords.

Oh buddy this went a lot harder than I figured from the intro. Very cool, you show your range well on this track and let it explode. I liked the flow of this song and the instrumental had some cool details.