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Liner Notes: 

Written and recorded in 15 minutes to skirmish prompt 'Clumsy'.


remove chords
Guitar tuned down a fourth BEADF#B

The folding guitar falls to the floor
Three old cracks in the bout
Show it has happened before

Chorus 1
I don’t mean to break things
My mind slips into absentee
Tripping on wires
Sometimes I’m clumsy

A broken insulated glass mug
Bought at the cafe I once dug
Was my favorite
Cause it didn’t spill
My hot tea or a peanut butter banana split smoothie

Chorus 2
I don’t mean to break things
My mind slips into absentee
Tripping on chair legs
Sometimes I’m clumsy

Is the antidote for a troubled mind
Focusing on what is days or years
Ahead or behind
And takes me out of the present moment
When clumsy steps in

At least the steel mug didn’t break
Don’t know how much more clumsy
I can take

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I feel for you-- the dark sounding chords convey the frustration with the clumsiness here.

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Poor folding guitar, I really feel for it Sad

Really like the descriptors before the verse


well done!

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Not the tea and the smoothie!!! Mindfulness is indeed key.

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I love all the examples and can feel for you. Has an honest feel although I hope it is not all true! Wink

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A trail of litter left behind. Better keep you away from that shiny new electric car!

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The down-tuning really adds to the self-admonishing lyrics, as do the aggressive strums. A dark-folk classic!