Heading Far Away

Heading Far Away

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Liner Notes: 

This song was sparked by a portion of the 5pm skirmish theme of “far away.” I took it in a slightly desolate (but with a nod to self-respect) direction.

I felt like being very quiet.

Then I had so many glitchy things happen during final stages of recording (drop outs!? really!?)

Anyway, 5 hours later I have a song.


I’m headed far away
making plans to stay
‘cause you would never say
anything meant to sway
you could take it or leave it

gonna leave today
so I can’t hear the words you don’t say
and I’ll be stronger day by day
when I’m not hoping
when I’m not wishing

come what may
I’ll be safer anyway
without you to tempt my fate
I’m giving up the wait
and heading far away

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"so I can’t hear the words you don’t say"

I think that's a great line, and you should listen to me, because I say that as a man who is super-reluctant to commit. . . so obviously I really mean it.

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An intro that grabs immediately. "so I can’t hear the words you don’t say" what a killer line. Tis melancholic but movign on song stands with "Golden Door". Applause!! Downloading now before it gets away! (drop-outs in recording? if in windows, set the recording program priority to "above normal", something I learnt the hard way too.)

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you are a dream weaver with a simple guitar figure and ethereal voice. it takes me back to a time when folk music morphed into psychedelia via jefferson airplane among others.

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Just beautiful. I so love your voice! Classic folk style and simple fingerpicking leaves lots of room for emotion. Will be listening to this again.

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Wonderful song! Couldn’t stop listening to it. To me, folk music is at its best when the music melts away to the background and a story emerges.

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so I can’t hear the words you don’t say
Very dreamily sad.....
Leave a magic trail behind so we can find you

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Meditative. I like the hummed/nonverbal melodies, that really adds.

I'm really intrigued by the sketch of this character, always with words unsaid that the narrator understands and knows their power regardless. Really cool story. A story of freedom, and a sketch of a certain person now in the past.

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I bet it will come as no surprise to you that these words speak volumes to me. I too am in love with the line "so I can’t hear the words you don’t say".
It's almost like you're singing a lullaby to whomever this is to. Lulling them to sleep so they can just sleep through your leaving. Very nice of you. Most endings are just crashed out of.

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I do love your voice, Barbara.

This has such a mystical feel to it. Certainly a travel song. Something about those faraway lands.

But I also think it hides optimism, Looking forward to those steps outside the borders.

Glad you made this!

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Love the very mellow, bittersweet Nick Drake sound paired with the defiant words about moving on from a partner's indifference. That one line is killer, definitely among the best of the challenge so far. The work is a quiet assertion of the right to a better love.

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I love that plucked figure under the vocal melody, that haunting English modal folk feel. Great story told by indirection. I'm impressed at your ability to find depth and quiet in the eye of a skirmish!

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This seems to be a good introduction to your songs. Your voice is spellbindingly beautiful.

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well for starters your tags nail this perfectly.....just tell folks that hiss is rain on a dreary morning in a land far away Wink
It really does nothing to take away from this beautifully worded and sang melody, and I'm a sucker for anything fingerpicked

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Haunting and lovely - has a timeless quality. A song that could have come from many distant lands.
Your voice is amazing!

Hey Barbara! Wonderful finger-picking. Wow, the vocals sound fantastic! Excellent lyrics, music, and demo!

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I like that you open and close the song with the title line, they work so well. Your melody over arpeggio guitar works very well. I hardly noticed the hiss, btw, as the melody, lyric and your beautiful voice is so distracting (in a good way.)

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I like the quiet folk approach ... reminds me of Britfolk greats like Sandy Denny. In fact, the humming part is VERY SD, in the best possible way. Lovely melody and vocals as well!

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"Desolate" is okay. I'm fine with desolate, particularly when it's as well-written as this. And I'm smiling at the "lots of hiss" tag. Didn't bother me at all; the song rises above it. Nice guitar sound and playing, too!