Doesn’t Do Any Good To Get Angry

Doesn’t Do Any Good To Get Angry

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish (write a song in an hour) prompt 'Angry'.


remove chords
Doesn’t Do Any Good To Get Angry

Verse 1
An acquaintance types a comment with their own opinion
Don’t know why it bugs me, gets under my skin
Feel my neck in tension
My hands reach for the keyboard

Verse 2
I consider how to answer, to show off my intellect
And state my opinion, which of course is correct
Feeling justified did I mention
I’m really just meaningfully bored

Yeah I can get upset
I can get angry
Just hurting myself
Shortening my sleep
Cause the world goes on
And No one
Is interested in my opinion
Doesn’t do any good to get angry
It won’t sway other decisions

Verse 3
I take five deep breaths, maybe just sleep on it
Wake up in the morning, decide not to get upset
Everyone is entitled to an opinion
No skin off my back

Repeat chorus

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Yeah, I've been there and I'm trying hard to let go. But it ain't easy. I like your take. Avoiding the pitfalls of giving into anger. Nicely done.

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a whole suspended verse! good point but it does feel good sometime! is anyone listening out there Smile

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OK, I can empathize and all, and you're no doubt doing yourself a favor with this, but then again, people who say this have never made ME angry, because I will make a fool cut his own head off and throw it in a dumpster using only my words and a keyboard.

"Let fury have the hour; anger can be power! D'ya know that you can use it?"
--The Clash

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I enjoy the suspended chords with the gentle fingerpicking, it's almost a little Jack Whiteish. I also like how this song about anger is so calm, like it's the comedown, which is very befitting of the lyrical theme. It's a good theme to reflect upon, so good on you. Nice tune!

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I can certainly identify with this! Your restrained anger delivery is just the right touch!

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The sus chords in succession are really cool. And then the single line playing in the verses is tastefully done. Good title and take on the prompt.