Spring Vacation

Spring Vacation

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Liner Notes: 

I've never been lucky enough to get overseas, though someday I hope to get there. What came to mind is a vacation we took to 5 different natural springs in Arkansas and Missouri. Although I loved them all, Greer Spring is the most amazing place I may have ever been. Breathtaking! Very fast write.


Spring Vacation
© 2020 Cindy Prince

It was a spring vacation
But not in the spring of the year
We decided to visit natural springs
Longed for water so clear

It was with our two oldest
Mammoth Spring was the first
Then onto Alley and Big Springs
To satisfy our longing thirst

We camped near most of the springs
So we could hear them sing
I can still hear them sing

The day we made to Greer Spring
Was well over 100 degrees
But the beautiful clear green water
Has forever stayed with me

Though over twenty years have gone
In my head I can still see
That wonderful spring vacation
And that water flowing free

Repeat chorus

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Cindy, what a clever title! A spring vacation that had nothing to do with that time of the year! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun and you describe it beautifully in your lyrics! Nice take on the skirmish!!

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Enjoying a cool water as I read this, and feeling the exuberance of the springs. Very cool images and memories.

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Hope Springs Eternal Cindy! Excellent writing as ever!

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Loving the spring/spring play! Wasn't expecting that. Lovely memories coming out of those lyrics!

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Lovely and charming, not to mention a delightful play on words. Great skirmishing!

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Great memories and you set them to a lyric well, in a way anyone can relate to, great work.

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Ah, I can so relate. This gets me to a spring vacation mood. Tho it's never over 100 here Biggrin

Very happy song, I like that. Just good times and good memories. Makes me reminisce my own adventures.