0450902020 I have you

0450902020 I have you

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0450902020 I have you


I have you - I’m mystified
I have you - on my mind
You are - a traveller
Amongst the stars
And I’m here
I don’t get far …
I have you - in my heart
What you do - is a piece of art
And you dance like the butterfly
I’ve seen on your leg
I want to pin you down
And put you in a frame
I have you i- in my heart
I have you - but you’re not here
Things I said when we met
Made you super scared
Cuz I’m a freak, you said
What are you doing here
You don’t belong here … you don’t belong here

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Really great and touching write!

enjoyed the performance too, great soupcatcher! hah!

the palm mutey rhythm and fuzzy od is working for me

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Nice! I really like the guitar - very catchy rhythm, slightly wistful music that suits the lyrics very well. Enjoyed the listen!

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Nice groove, and the distant-ish vocals kind of add to the story. I like the pin-you-down verse, the multiple meanings of that bit. And the last verse throws a question into the whole story, nice twist. I like the open-ish chords, nice sound.

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Really enjoyed this. My one regret in life is never having learned guitar (I'm old!). I fake it with software. Speaking of software, what are you using to record? The vocals are too soft, of course. I started with Cakewalk back in 1992, and it is a free download now--super powerful and you could use it to get a better recording. I can tell you've got a good voice. Nice job on this!