It's a Twister!

It's a Twister!

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Liner Notes: 

When my son Sam was young he had trouble saying this L's. We used to have him say, 'Lester licks and lollipop, Lewis loves lasagna". When I thought of that earlier. other similar things came to mind.


It's a Twister!
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Lester licks a lollipop
Lewis loves lasagna
Ingrid inches inside
Izzy owns an iguana

Sally simmers salsa
Stephen studies dance
Penny patches poodle skirts
Porter pees his pants

Tommy turns over turtles
Ted tries and tries
Molly munches mustard seeds
Mandy makes more fries

Benny bats at baseballs
Brenda bakes banana bread
Heidi handles hot potatoes
Harold braids his head

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I'm not setting this one to music. I'd bite my tongue too much! LOL Fun lyric.

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Very clever, I like this a lot. There is definitely a nursery rhyme feel to it. I've been in a bit of a ballad rut, I'd love to take a crack at setting it to music if you'd like.

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I think this would made a really fun and cool children's nursery rhyme type song. Love it Smile Such clear images !