Angst & The Empty Set

Angst & The Empty Set

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Yeah, it's one of those abstract concepts that Philosophers (& even some Scientists) have a lot of problems with. The question of Nothingness is a huge problem in Metaphysics, Logic & even Epistemology (the Study of the Theory of Knowledge). Philosophers have grappled with the problem for millennia & don't seem to be any closer to an acceptable answer then they were back in Plato's day. The big question is: "Why is there something rather than nothing?" - which pretty much boils down to that ultimate Metaphysical quandary: "Why are we here?". From Plato & Aristotle, Réné Descartes & Martin Heidegger, even Bertrand Russell & Jean-Paul Sartre have contemplated how Nothingness fits into existence. It's a pretty deep topic, a rabbit hole (funny, that's one of the points discussed - holes LOL) I sort of went down last night before bed. I started reading a great article called Angst and the Empty Set ( & then graduated to a whole thesis on Nothingness from Stanford University's Philosophy Archive ( Both got into the nature of nothingness, whether it really exists or can exist (many say it can't). They delve into Philosophical, Physical & Mathematical proofs & problems to try to show how Nothing is such a big thing (it really is when you get into the depths of it). It was a good read (I know, not everyone's cup of tea).

So yeah, when you ask me what I did before bed last night, I can legitimately say: "Nothing" Lol

This morning I quickly decided that I would write a song called "Angst & The Empty Set" (just 'cos that sounds cool & the philosophical/mathematical/physical/psychological implications are so huge). Enter HG Fortune's amazing Astral Dreamer VSTi (apt since a big part of the Nothingness discussion centres around the true nature of "Space" & what exactly we mean by "Space between Objects"). And for the Angst, well - you knew my DigiTech Grunge would have a starring role ('cos what has more Angst than Grunge music? Lol ). I simply pressed record, and started playing. I hope I sort of captured the feeling. I think I did. But maybe this was all for…


See You In The Shadows…

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DigiTech Grunge Pedal
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Definitely has that outer space vibe! I just finished watching The Good Place so all these questions are fitting to my frame of mind right now. I love that step down into the lower minor/less pentatonic tab about a minute and a half in!!

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Gee just what I needed right before bed too! haha thanks for the links, will read while i listen Wink I'd say you nailed the theme with the atmosphere of this piece, will made great reading music, I'm a slow reader when I'm this sleepy had to listen twice! oh the agony! hahah...... Was half expecting 5 minutes of silence after reading the liner notes Wink !

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Has some good deep thought moments, it has the space between to think and focus on the nothingness. I could also see the title of the piece working as a band name.