Wear a mask Part III

Wear a mask Part III

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Liner Notes: 

This is my morph of JamKar's song, which in turn was a morph of AndyGetch's song. I kept JamKar's chord progression and some of the melodic outline, plus the lyrics to the chorus. It's still a song about mask-wearing! Smile


Wear a Mask Part III
(A Morph Song by Sharon Stepler)

(Voice 1): Dodo, don’t be a dodo (2x)
(Voice 2): Dum dum dum, are you dum dum dum (2x)

Red or blue, don’t matter who

Wear a mask (3x)

(Voice 1): Lulu, this bug is a lulu (2x)
(Voice 2): Di di di you could di di di (2x)

Use your brain, don’t be insane

Wear a mask (3x)

(Voice 1): No no don’t say no no (2x)
(Voice 2): Ass ass ass are you an ass ass ass(2x)

You’re not free to breathe germs on me

Wear a mask (3x)

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I like it! What a funny concept. I had a whole different concept in my head but finally realised this is abou corona. I'm slow, I know.

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What a wonderful way to do this! Original and a great way to get the message out!

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Nice take! I like the doowop flavor to this Sharon.

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Oh I am loving this PSA part III and such a wonderful morph!

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Beautiful concept and very beautiful singing and playing. So pretty! Loving the harmonization and different melodies connected so beautifully vocally.

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Oh my. This put me full-on into stereolab mode... that syncopation and beautiful harmonies, really well done