Blue Sky Hot

Blue Sky Hot

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Liner Notes: 

Got this idea going on my walk when I noticed how blue the sky was and how hot it is right now.


Blue Sky Hot
© 2020 Cindy Prince

We drove to the country far away from the crowds
The wide sky was so blue without any clouds
We found ways to make our picnic full of fun
Our love sizzled in the hot summer sun

We fed one another strawberries so sweet
Being alone we didn't notice the heat
Until you started one exciting fire
I never knew I could be engulfed with desire

Blue sky hot
When you brought me so close
Blue sky hot
And I lost all control
Blue sky hot
Baby you got what I need
Blue sky hot
You're an animal indeed

Eating berries
Sipping sherry
Loving kisses
All my wishes

We stayed all afternoon and into the evening
Neither one of us could think about leaving
I hope we've ignited a long lasting flame
Cause anything else would be such a shame

Repeat chorus

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these lyrics would be perfect for an EDM inerpretatiom especially the chorus and bridge

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You paint a truly clear picture with your words here. I can almost taste the strawberries and feel the heat (from the sun lol).

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We've been having a lot of that here... the blue sky and the heat, not the rest necessarily... these lyrics are really evocative. They paint a vivid picture!