Same Love

Same Love

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Liner Notes: 

My son's friend posted a tweet that inspired this song. The kid is an amazing up and coming artist in the Indianapolis area. I took his tweet (with his permission) and wrote this. This is probably a rough draft. I see a few tweaks in its future.


Same Love
(c) 2020 Deanna Sweidel

It can make you laugh
It can make you cry
Make you want to give up
Or work hard to try

It can make you feel strong
It can take all your hope
Make you feel endless pain
Or throw you a rope

It’s a funny thing
We don’t understand
It’s a crazy thing
That we cannot plan

Love can heal a broken heart
But the same love can tear it
Tear it apart

It can make you smile
It can make you frown
Some days build you up
Some days tear you down

It can make you feel free
It can scare you to death
Take the wind from your sails
Or leave you breathless

It’s a funny thing
We cannot define
It’s a crazy thing
With no clear outline

Love can be tender and true
But the same love can break you
Break you in two

A double edged sword
A catch 22
The same love that can save
Can also kill you

Love can heal a broken heart
But the same love can tear it
Tear it apart

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This has great flow, but what really makes it work for me is that I didn't know what 'it' referred to until midway through. That kept me guessing, wondering. Good stuff

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What a fantastic song with incredible flow! Nice one!

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I love how your working draft lyrics needing tweaking (in your opinion) are better written and structured than most songs you'll hear on the radio. Powerful stuff and as FSY said, delaying the antecedent for the "it" creates lyrical suspense with a great payoff.

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Another great lyric. Would you mind if I took the chance to put music to these words? If you have a style/genre in mind?