Honey - Give Away The Bottle

Honey - Give Away The Bottle

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Liner Notes: 

i was feeling sooooo down so I just needed some guitar time and singing time and just let it all flow out time. so all these lyrics just fell out and it's a proper communion with the muses. thank-you so much for listening. it's true, i am way out in the wilderness and my connection is not so great. if i don't get a chance to listen to your songs right away i apologize and hope you will understand. i will get into your work the best way i can! i am so grateful of each of your comments and hold them close to my heart ∞ dblf



give away the bottle
give away the bees
give it all
give it all
to me

give away what you cherish
give away
give unto me
give unto me
mmm mmm

drying off your sorrows
turn it into peace you see
coming back to me
give away the bottle
give away the bottle that you gave to me
mmm mmm
can’t have the things
that you gave
can’t hear the words
can’t hear the rain
i can’t have the rain

give away
give away go astray
give away the when
give away your name
say your name
say it

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This has a lovely haunting quality to it. I'm loving the sparse arrangement of acoustic, vocal, and shaker(?) especially with the far out sounding mic placement. The simplicity and repetition of the vocal/lyrics is very effective. This is good stuff!

Yeah haunting is exactly right. It feels like gentle rain. Very enjoyable

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You're in the world's greatest sound studio! Cool sound to this one!

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I like the delivery and the lyrics. It’s like a disturbing dream that delivers emotion but not clarity.

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Sorry to hear you feel down at the moment, but hopefully you've find solace in writing this! Beautiful again, feel like I'm listening to Liz Fraser which is one of the highest compliments I could pay.

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Hypnotic and emotional. Lovely guitar and vocals. I really felt this one.

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This really feels like it's played in the middle of the forest, the strums reverbrating against crystal lake cavern walls...

It's got that mystical feel... like a voice from beyond the years. That natural energy. Somewhat Led Zeppelin in a way!