Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

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Liner Notes: 

Haven't seen the movie, but assume it had something to do with vampires?, didn't give it much thought, but was fun!


maybe someday you'll let the right one in.....etc

Toil, Toil, Boil, and Trouble
Oh no, Oh no you let the wrong one in

Vinegar, mice, nothing very nice
Oh no, Oh no, you let the wrong one in

Spitting venom all over the place
Oh no, Oh no, you let the wrong on in

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Very unsettling. Let them all in and some will be edible! This is something of an earworm--perhaps I shouldn't have let it in! I'll be going to bed humming Oh no, Oh no, you let the wrong on in

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That guitar is great right out of the gate. I love the dissonance and the simple, hypnotic beat. You could get to 50 songs by writing new lyrics for this one over and over. The music is pretty malleable and would allow lots of different vocal takes. Anyway, cool stuff. Yeah, it is something of an earworm. I'm sitting hear singing along in my mind after the song's over

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if this is an earworm im going to put it on my hook and try to catch an earfish

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Great jam. Hypnotic lyrics with that great reptetive riff. Made me nod my head along to the beat.

See You In The Shadows…

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You are right in thinking that it is a movie about vampires, this has the right level of creepiness and unsettling.

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nice catchy vibe and sound. took me a while to attune to the sonic space of it but once i got "in" (haha) i found the whole thing really catchy and engaging sound. nice one indeed Smile

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Loved the movie, and the song's great too ... catchy, lo-fi psychedelia with a kickin' rhythm and oddly unsettling feel.

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Very cool and haunting. You are correct, it's a vampire movie which is also very eerie and haunting. That thumping kick is great and I love the effects on your vocals they have a cool, mildly unsettling feel to them. I really enjoyed this one!

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Creepy! The repetition of the guitar is very effective!

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Really like the drive and the crunchy guitars running through this. Builds an uneasy tension that I like a lot. Cool prompt too, nicely executed.

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Cool piece, definitely fits with the horror theme as it has that unsettled feel to it.