0250902020 Just an other day

0250902020 Just an other day

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0250902020 Just an other day


Just an other day - without you here
Just an other drink to forget how I feel
And do you feel okay where you are
Just an other year - like all the rest
Though you made me fell
At my very best
Start digging a hole - and loose control
Where ever it takes me - even if it was a bad idea
I’d like to live as a worm - and under the leaves I’d roam
And let the earth burry me - cuz you’re not here
From the earth comes a butterfly - a sweetheart for your valentine
Let it live for just one day - till a bird takes it away
And you cry no….

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Your strong voice contrasts super well with the ethereal guitar. You make me feel the weight of every word every subtle dark emotion. So human, so intense. The change in playing adds to the overall feeling as it denotes for me the anguish to move away from the feeling but since it's all consuming the vocal melody doesn't change much this were all buried with you. Delightful

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Really enjoy the Just an other little twist to this....

great guitar work....it's working for ya not against as can be the case so often with the swirly whirlies, esp with a clean vocal