Secret Passage

Secret Passage

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Liner Notes: 

I haven't done much musically to adorn this beyond the backing vocals. I used Band In A Box audio and added drums from Logic. The mix was super fast and basic. I was going to replace the bass with my upright, but I'm thinking that capturing it like this and moving on is probably the best plan as I've already gotten off to a late start.

My awesome Patreon group are inspiring me to keep writing. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THEM. I have hardly ever written outside of FAWM but now they are there and supporting me and I want to give them something in return. Some of the lyrics of this were posted in FAWM 2019 but I didn't get much past the initial idea until now. An ode to vulnerability in relationships


Secret Passage

There's a way in
to everyone
A path to reach the smiling child within
Under the skin
Of the toughest armour
A journey to the heart

A secret passage
A hidden message, in invisible ink
A special language
Only we can hear, my dear

You found your way in
Through the traps and puzzles
Fought the dragon, found me in the dark
Had walls like Berlin
But you tunnelled under
Pulled me up and out of myself

A secret passage
A hidden message, in invisible ink
A special language
Only we can hear, my dear

Always hard to feel so vulnerable
To trust you with my busted parts
But bless us, when we mess up
we just ‘fess up
Then we can make a brand new start

To find that secret passage
Send me that hidden message, in invisible ink
Whisper that special language
Only we can hear, my dear

I’m listening my dear
You’re comin’ in loud and clear
I’m right here

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U can hear mary black singing ths uptempo, optimistic slice of irish folk-pop. great idea well developed. I especially liked the lines Had walls like Berlin But you tunnelled under Pulled me up and out of myself

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Thanks Bill! I would love to hear Mary Black singing it LOL!

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that was wonderful. Got Seeker Lover Keeper vibes. Bit of Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby all rolled into one.

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Lots of artists I've haven't heard but will now look up- thank you!

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Your wonderful voice delivers the touching deep message very well. It's quite mystical too

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Very natural melody, with enough change to hold interest. Effortless sounding vocals, nothing strains here. Very nice job.

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Glad you like the melody Edward, I've been trying to break out of some of my own melodic cliches. Thanks for your feedback.

Awesome vocals! Your tone is fantastic and the chorus with all the layers is wonderful. There is a great feel to this song. Love the Berlin wall tunneling line. Lyrics are great also, enjoyable listen!

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Thank you Kurtis for your encouraging words, I appreciate it!

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So good to see you posting here! And a great song to boot. Cheers!

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Thanks Alex! The Patreon is my motivation- 50/90 is the icing on the cake.

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Its nice lyric and i really like the casual vocal style you use here, nice harmonies as well. All round very good indeed.

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Really great combination of lyrics and music and vocals (love the harmonies!). For some reason, makes me think of the Indigo Girls. I can hear a whole audience singing the chorus along with you to this!

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Yep, definitely move on. You'll be able to polish and use your bass later. Nice swing to this one, and your vocal harmonies are great! A country song, easy on the ear, and the lyric isn't quite as soft as it feels!

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It's a touching lyric, and the music puts it across in a really uplifting way. Love that chorus. Glad you got this down - it's got great bones and you can always embellish later.

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Thanks, Nancy! Yes, my demos are always going to be demos, things for real guitarists and drummers and pianists to play later. I'm just a singer bassist. That's why BAIB and logic drums have become my fave tools.

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What a beautiful celebration of the best that healthy relationships can offer! Such a gladness about it and gorgeously strewn with harmonies. Loved it!

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Wow! you have a very beautiful voice. Loved the backing vocals. This is the way I like BnB to sound like- my luck hasn't been that great.. The songs doesn't need much to be done and out the door.

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Beautiful song, I love confident and powerful melody.

The chorus really focuses everything, the secrets we think we must hold on to. But we have to trust the right people with those secrets. Exchanging notes in invisible ink.

I listened a couple times because it's so satisfying. It almost brings a tear to my eye, and I want to play this for my wife.

Best thing I've heard tonight!

IA's picture

Oh Liz, I love your vox so much.

Great metaphors. I love that feeling when somebody can pull me out of myself.

I really respect people who have the courage to be vulnerable. Great song!