Archie Ankylosaur

Archie Ankylosaur

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Carved from stone
I am alone, I am alone
On the phone
I hear the tone, I hear the tone
And Sarah says she doesn’t know me
Turns her tail as if to scorn
The only evidence she offers
Is the armor that I’ve worn

Harsh, the light
And so unkind, and so unkind
Curves that might
Find me entwined, find me entwined
Le coup de foudre, at the water
Breathing hot, the lawless daughter
Oh Sarah, mark me by my honor
I was young then for the slaughter

And knowing you for a time
And tracing all your lines
Oh love, I’d shed these crimes
If I wasn’t bound to die

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if this is a dinosaur love song it is a good one. the world could use more stories of prehistoric lover affairs between giant reptiles

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A nice little groove here, and I love that vocal drop on the first and third lines of your verses!

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Love the harmony... and the melody... and the subject matter... and the figurative language... and the performance. I think this might be one of my favorites for the year so far.