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Liner Notes: 

Off the mark! Trying to do some stuff that's pretty different to my FAWM stuff. Few/no vocals!

There's not much variation in some of the beats and stuff, but I'll go back and edit in the next life.






Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Zeekle's picture

A nice groove of a bass line in there. I’m not familiar with your FAWM songs but I enjoyed listening to this one.'s amusing to read the things that people think need changing/improving in their songs.
I simply don't hear a need for a single change here.
This is ready.
For the floor. For the radio. For streaming.
I'm trying to remember your FAWM stuff...but I can't remember an hour ago, so.. In any event, this is friggin awesome.
I agree with zeekle about the bass line. The groove throughout, period...perfect.
This has everything. All the little vocals are hitting in the right places and the right ways, then all the synth lines and blips and blaps throughout are placed just so.
I like tracks like this when they are carefully crafted. That's what this sounds like.
The variance in the "love..."etc starting at 1:53...honestly, that one bit of difference makes the entire song for me. I'm a HUGE fan of using vocal samples, and I love everything you've done here.
Great pads coming in toward the end...
This was friggin awesome.

coolparadiso's picture

I really liked this, the foot was tapping and it varied enough to keep my interest. I liked the vocally different use of the same lyric. Cool.

thelowestbitter's picture

The bass sound is niiiiiiice. This reminds me a bit of Dolby Anol who I loved, that same sort of crunchiness to it all. Ace start.

see-man-ski's picture

Nice grove, the bass line is really cool and the words are simple and very contagious.

Vom Vorton's picture

Ski Pads? Better safe than sorry I guess. Some of those mountains are STEEP.

This is great, killer filthy bass sound, great beat, plenty of variation to my ears.

cleanshoes's picture

Yeah! Love what you've done with just nine words, that's something I can get behind. Danceable, fun, slightly dark. Really enjoyed this.

Drive By Love Fest's picture

YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! YOUUUUUUUU!!!! I LOVE YOUR MUSICCCCCCCC. I would prefer if you made 50 Wink I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch your process. If you have any tutorials I'd be keen to watch 'em

john crossman's picture

Tickled my ears right down to their ear-cores. I wouldn't seek out this style, but I dig this. A fun little romp of a listen.

the pannacotta army's picture

I thought I was a slacker but only one song?
And it's only 9 words
I like it, it's good, especially for those who like to that dancing thing, but pull your finger out

IA's picture

Aah nice. I thought the intro had a different rhythm, but then it switched around to that brisk pace. So cool!

This has such a big vibe. Dance dance dance. And for the love of f**** skip the ads.

It keeps growing! Wow!

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Yeah, I can get behind this message 100%! Especially that part about eating the rich! This has an incredible overall groove that belongs in a club lighting up the dance floor! Love the change-ups and overall vibe. Nice work!

unpronounceable's picture

Let's be in a club, man! This is hella cool. I love all the noises you're making and how musical and complementary they are. Also the voices, it's like you built on a daft punk song and added your own voice and flairs to it. I haven't heard a song like this in a while. Gonna need to dance out to this.