Beekman Ave.

Beekman Ave.

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Liner Notes: 

Playing around with some melodic ideas and my second favorite polyrhythm. Working on some more lyrics. Hopefully I'll have something for tomorrow.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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reminds me of too many blissfully wasted hours playing Zelda Smile one of my favorite game music compositions.....

all the snaps around the 1min mark excellent touch.

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I like that the melody is prominent, the main thing, and there are textures are supporting. But we're here for that melody, I think. I like rhythms, syncopated.

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Besides the melody I like that you give your vignettes titles: I would have come up with something innovative like "melody no.3" Wink

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Definitely makes me think of evenings plopped down in front of my old NES. I can see why people there is a Zelda comparison. The tones are sort of like the opening title screen. Also gives me a bit of a rpg town vibe as well.

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I enjoyed this one a lot, there is a playfulness about it that makes it really fun to listen to.