Convenient Trap

Convenient Trap

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Liner Notes: 

A very quick write with just acoustic guitar, vocals and a splash of chimey bells


No more can I pretend that you love me anymore
No more can I fool myself that you’ll walk back through that door

Your words still ring
Somewhere within
I hear your voice
And now I know
That to let go
Is my only choice

I can’t lie to myself only sorrow comes with that
I’ve lived with hope too long it’s a convenient trap

The pain I feel
Lies unrevealed
Inside my heart
And I’ll accept
This loneliness
Without remark

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Beautiful. Very different but great melody. When i was younger i used to listen to a guy called clifford t ward. His style like this was a comfort voice.

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So lovely and cinematic, even in its simplicity. The production feels finished, but still very honest and raw, which is awfully hard to do. Really nice work.

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Really nice finger-style guitar work and very pretty song. Honest, simple and powerful vocal. Nice job.

Really great acoustic tune, a nice picking pattern and melody. The bells are a subtle touch that enhance the mood of the track. Everyone sounds really good, this is another enjoyable tune!

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Lovely fingerpicking--a very bittersweet, timeless-sounding song. Really like the chord progressions here, too!

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That's just wonderful, Tim. The lyrics leave you wanting more, which is always fine, and that finger-picking rhythm is so welcoming, I would enjoy this even if you recited words from the dictionary.

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Gorgeous chord sequence, you never really know where they're going to go - ambiguous major/minor going on which matches your theme of hope, and living with it for too long.

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Brilliant arrangement - voice and guitar carry the song and the bell sound does not overpower.