'Magic Elephant'

'Magic Elephant'

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Liner Notes: 

Darci posted her storycube challenge and I followed the idea of "You've got to learn the rules to break them" so instead of going for creating my lyric using all the images I grabbed the elephant and ran with it... So here is my instrumental. I don't really mind if it's not counted towards the challenge, I'm just grateful for the inspiration. I never composed anything about an elephant and it was interesting for me to try. Thank you Darci for the inspiration! I thought of a little story to go with my music and I posted it on my Bandcamp upload in case anyone is interested. I'm very open to suggestions if someone hears some lyric or has some other idea for a song version or other version of this piece. Thank you as always for listening and sharing your thoughts with me.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this has a kind of waking dream vibe at points. feels like maybe it's a flying elephant. I am always when musicians use an instrumental to tell a story.

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Nice - It does have a strong comfort feel about it and i love the topiary elephant.

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Of course it counts! I enjoyed your peaceful elephant very much. Cute little story with it.

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this has the sweet, slow movement of a huge, kindly beast.. i liked your story. what would you think of putting t to use as a spoken word introduction over the first minute of the piece?

That is such a cute story and an interesting task to compose a song from that idea. This piece has a gentle stomp to it, like graceful steps coming closer. It's a very warm and nostalgic scene. Something with like orange colours and water colours. This really made me feel something, I like this a lot. The story and the song are both so nice. There is a happiness and a sense of melancholy like it's looking back on those happy times.

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What a charming story and what a delightful piece! I’m imagining the elephant flying through the air - which of course he can do because he’s magic. Smile Very nice!

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Well, i actually always prefer the sound of you playing a real piano, but that didn't detract from this, it is pretty interesting. I liked the key change in the middle. It was just nodding along in a dorian kind of mood and then took a bit of a more serious turn. Nice to hear it change back up into a more major mode before the end. Somehow i think all elephants are magical.

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Going through your "back catalog". I like Bill's idea of using this as a backdrop to "spoken word"--I've thought of doing that with a couple of my songs, but didn't do it.

As you know, I enjoy all of your stuff--this is no exception. Lovely!