The Clydesdale Horses Today

The Clydesdale Horses Today

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Liner Notes: 

A total reversal from the previous lyric, but I was lucky today to see the famous Budweiser Clydesdales go right by my house. I had seen them before a couple times (at parades and such), but now like today. They are so big and so amazing! Thought a little children's song might be good.


The Clydesdale Horses Today
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I was lucky
This Thursday
The big Clydesdale horses were here

I was happy
It was great
To see the Clydesdale horses so near

They are big, big horses
With long hair on their feet
They stand up so high
They're really neat
Their coats are all shiny
It was so sweet
To see the Clydesdales go by

I was excited
This July day
They pulled a wagon past me

I wasn't frightened
They are okay
The prettiest horses to see

Repeat chorus

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this has a nice cadence to it and has a lot of great description. I can totally hear this n my head as a kids song. I enjoyed my read

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Yeah nice bounce. I love those clydesdales, we have a fair few around here!

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I love horses and had the luck to be around done as a kid. Lovely words

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Aww...this is sweet. I like the way the verses begin with an emotion. I can see those Clydesdales!