Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time

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Liner Notes: 

@fresh spotless youth is starting to get precious. He's been working on some songs, but he has this conceit that he should let his ideas percolate, you know, figure out what he Really Wants to Say; work out an Arrangement that's not a hapless bricolage. That leaves me to pick up the baton and carry on with the usual fsy self-referential shtick. I think we stayed true to the fsy ethos here. Tidewrack washed up from the sea, driftwood forts, ordinary time, dis-aster, fucking up--it's all the same thing, oblique strategies all the way down

[For the record, there's no self-deprecation here. We're not broken, not even bent, and we think it's pretty cool to wrap up a complete song in 40 seconds.]


Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
Well that’s what the people say
But all the sad songs know my name
They’re calling out:

Danny! Danny!
Here’s your sadsack hit parade
You know the people will say that
It’s all shit, and that in spades
But other people will say that
You’re not broken
Not even bent
[If] these songs aren’t heaven sent
[They’re] bits and pieces of your ordinary time

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this was a lot of fun! Here's your sadsack hit parade! good stuff!

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I like it. It feels like an initial write that needs to go e out and it doesn't have time for specifics and here it came

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Love the energy, and pop sensibility, of this, it needs a better and longer life than it's currently likely to have left here like this.

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I laughed when I read "sadsack hit parade" ... great term! I love the technique of addressing yourself in song, though, as usual, you're too hard on yourself!

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lolol short and sweet, fun and unique! Had me smiling from start to finish with a giggle or two in the middle lol Love it!

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2 of my favorite fiddyniners! Smile
More self efacing humor, denying (from the rooftops) the talent you have in spades. Smile I don't buy it for a minute, but it made me smile a great big knowing smile.
Thanks again for your very kind words on my first! Great to see and hear more of you again this summer, my friend.

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Oh, this is so much fun! The lyrics are witty and clever, and the music has an irresistible bounce. Really enjoyed this.

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Hell yes to 40-second songs. When you can fit this much wit and melody into 40 seconds, who needs any more? Why do I love it when you sing your own name so much? I'd hate it if I sang my own name. Maybe I shouldn't have given myself such a vomity name.

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It's like green day meets mumford and sons. Super upbeat!

If this hit me on Spotify, I'd save it on my playlists. Just wish it was a bit longer cos I really like the feel. Biggrin

Great job!

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Short and sweet. Sometimes you don't need a long time to say what you've got to say.