Not Even a Dog

Not Even a Dog

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Liner Notes: 

I read somewhere a list of things that Trump is and the writer mentioned how Trump doesn't even have a dog (a dog wouldn't have him). That stuck with me.


Not Even a Dog
© 2020 Cindy Prince

He's not funny
Has no wit
He's the Shakespeare of shit

He's not nice
But rather cruel
I'm embarrassed for the fool

He's got no honor
Not one bit of grace
Has that ugly orange face

He has no depth
Nor a soul
His mouth is an asshole

He hasn't an ounce of decency
His throat looks like a frog
He has no endearing qualities
He doesn't even have a dog

A monster no one would claim
An abyss no one can name

He is shallow
And so petty
He's a giant ugly Yeti

He never laughs
Only trolls
Thank God he's down poles

Repeat chorus

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mike skliar's picture

nicely done, well said, and, sadly, all basically true!!!

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Ha ha i like it. Its not 100% but its mighty close if you as an instinct believe “ never trust a man that doesnt like a dog but always trust a dog who doesnt like a man. Great lyric

johnstaples's picture

This is f'ing BRILLIANT Cindy! Love the hook and it is so true! Everything you've written here is TRUE! You've done a great job of describing the orange shit gibbon! Nice work!