Sing What You Feel

Sing What You Feel

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Sing What You Feel (50/90 - Children's Song Album Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

At 10 songs over 3 days, I'm ending the children's album challenge I set for myself and calling it a success! Onto my next challenge which you'll find out soon enough Smile

The thing about my 7th birthday is true by the way and it's on video:


Never be afraid to tell the world how you really feel
Because what you feel is unique
Even if it might be something universal
And what you feel is real
And what you feel is beautiful

You can be just like me
It isn't hard, it's easy
Just sing from your heart
Sing what you feel

Never be afraid to tell the world what you really think
You could always be wrong
But it's okay to be wrong sometimes
As long as you don't believe you're always right

Never be afraid to make something that no one else has ever made
Never be afraid to fail
Because the only time you ever fail is when you stop trying
Otherwise you're just a success who made mistakes

On my 7th birthday I got up on a table and made up
Songs about white tigers and butterflies
Until people told me that silly songs weren't worth my singing
And that only special people are singers for their job
And that I wasn't special enough
If I ever listened it was only for a minute
And look at me now

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Oh I really like that melody on the opening line of the verses. Nice lyrics on this one and a personal spin in the last verse. Lots of catchiness, and 10 songs of that in 3 days is certainly a success!

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Really wonderful message to empower! Great melody and musical delivery. Love the ending!