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Liner Notes: 

Hi guys,

This is my first song of my first 50/90, although I've done a couple of FAWMs in the past. I'm hoping to bash out as many songs as possible and not faff around too much with recording them, so in that spirit here's my first song.

I've been using the username Jack Ketch for about 10 years, and seeing as this week's challenge is to do a song that introduces yourself I thought I'd write something about Ketch. Ketch was an infamously bad executioner in 17th century England, but in the centuries the name Jack Ketch was used to refer to executioners in general.

I've been listening to a lot of Muddy Waters at the moment. Excuse the bad slide guitar!


Here they come for Jack Ketch
On the back of a cart
Hands and feet tied up
And a collar round their neck

Oh poor man
Say your piece if you please
And if you pay me well
I'll try your pain to ease

Yeah, I'll send them to hell
By the block or the noose
And you can be sure
That rope won't be loose

Oh poor man
Say your piece if you please
And if you pay me well
I'll try your pain, to ease

Yeah I'm a man of destiny
And it's a hard future for you
But place your head on the block
I'll soothe your troubles for you

Oh poor man
Say your piece if you please
And if you pay me well
I'll try your pain, to ease

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I liked it from the start but after I read the liner notes I had to restart the song to really appreciate it. What a cool concept, to be so bad at being an executioner that your name lives on after your own death! That's some blues. I love the guitar tones and feel happening here.

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this is the way i like my blues. raw and funky with sharp lyrics and delivery

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I love the Shockabilly/Spookabilly rawness. . . cries out for bass and drums a la the Cramps et al.

Good ol' Blues, raw vocal and guitar. Interesting subject manner told very well with the lyrics. The slide was a real nice addition.

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Yeah thems the songs for a bit of bluesy treatment. Nice one.

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Oh, so good. Nice bit of storytelling, and I love that gritty blues sound!

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That's some great storytelling, and what a brutally poignant story. The idea that IF you pay him well he will try to do a good job...well that cuts to the core. This totally works for me in this stripped down form, but I could hear it exploding into some sort of blues punk fury