Break It

Break It

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Liner Notes: 

To be honest, I don't really do 50-90 all that wholeheartedly but in my own way, I don't feel like it's a proper 50-90 unless I've done a collaboration with [@stephenwordsmith] and one of his unique, splendidly quirky lyrics.


Don't be owned by what you own
For perfect is your enemy
The scratch to start may break your heart
But with that cut you'll be set free

For there's no joy in dusty toys
No purpose in a page unread
A glinting prize for sorest eyes
Holds nothing for the empty head

Take it, jar it, break it, scar it
See it for its proper worth
Rip it, bust it, for it's just
Another tool to work the earth

Break it's skin to break it in
Etch the sketchbook just for fun
Scrawl a mess and start off, yes
No need to be good, just done

Ban the wraith and leap with faith
Twist the knife and face the pain
Breach the dark and leave your mark
(Better that than leave a stain)


The splinters in your fingers
From the figures on your phone
Bear a testament that lingers
T'when you struck out on your own
Now the skin is less than perfect
For a wound was struck anew
But the rent is where it entered
and the light came in to you

Don't be owned by what you own
For perfect is your enemy...

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I am hypnotized, soothed, tickled, and scandalized by this mess of lovely tones. Diiig

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What a delightful song. Stephen rights excellent lyrics. Its a lovely timepiece song. Could hear it in a film. Nice

cindyrella's picture

Now this is a nice song! Made me feel good all the way through!

fresh spotless youth's picture

Man, this is awesome. I love the way it moves along, stepping lightly but forcefully. And then that chorus is transcendent. Take it, jar it, break it, scar it--for it's just another tool to work the earth. Whoa, that's gonna stick with me. Everything sounds so good here. Where's the rent where the light enters? This is amazing, top to bottom

billwhite51's picture

a cocktail anthem for the anti materialists with class..

metalfoot's picture

A great lyric and a great tune make a great song... and this is a great song!

Fuzzy's picture

I'm really liking the jazzy '30s vibe here.
Really bouncy; I'm smiling.
Really nice message in the lyrics.
Gosh I've said "really" three sentences in a row....
Well, it is a really nice collab!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

A masterful rendition of a lyric I was frankly a bit on the fence about. I quickly became glad I opted for the internal rhymes, because you handled them with aplomb. The accompaniment has the tight finger-clickiness of the early swing era but a definite offbeat eeriness that makes it unique. I feel like I'm listening to Dean Martin at a dark carnival. Love your work - and love that it's me you're working.

ZsuzsaDoe's picture

Really cool, loving the vibe! The wind instrument in the back are such a nice addition.
Could also really imagine a Stephane Grappelli style violin solo in there

Saltyjohn's picture

Wonderful! Clever, wacky lyric and wistful music, perfect combination. Well done.

crisp1's picture

Brilliant lyrics and a superb, jaunty old-timey melody, beautifully sung, to carry them along. Fantastic collaboration, gents!

cleanshoes's picture

Yes, yes, yes. I absolutely love this style! Great lyrics and arrangement. Super collaboration, both!

sherrycanary's picture

Has a Gypsy Jazz kind of haunting melody put to some wonderfully whimsical and poetic lyrics.
Great guitar riffs
Yea, a fine collab!

tcelliott's picture

Nailed it. I love the easy feel of the lyric, the phrasing. S is a powerhouse of a lyricist and (despite his liner notes) I was drawn to this one. Glad you did this in such a fine way.

adforperu's picture

The quick changing chords and relatively static melody works wonders. Like.. the human element (the voice) is chaotic, whilst the world is chaotic around you. Or something.

Amanda West's picture

Woohoo one of the FAWM dream teams at their best ! Love it guys Smile

wacha's picture

This is incredible! listened to tcelliott's version first which is wildly different than this. I love the jazzy, mysterious feel you brought to the lyrics. A solid and very enjoyable collaboration!

ductapeguy's picture

What an amazing, timeless setting. The words just seem to flow effortlessly from the music.

doggolito's picture

Wow ! That was beautiful. Usually, I don't listen to this jazz/kinda lounge music but it was so enjoyable. Love the guitar, the soft voice and the wind instrument textures Smile