Dance Until the End

Dance Until the End

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Liner Notes: 

This was a weird ride. I started with the penguin idea ('cause nuns) and I wanted to write actual nuns into it. They seemed like misfits together, a flightless bird and a chaste music enthusiast in today's world. The early tune was your basic 1-4-5 blues and sounded way too similar to John Mellencamp, Authority Song. I spent the first part of the day making it sound less like that.

I started relating to the characters as I imagined them struggling to find their places in the world as it appears to be ending all the time.


no one wants to go to shows in Antarctica
no one wants to go out dancing down here
no one wants to party, they say the
weather's too severe
someone needs to put these birds in gear

mother superior censors every pleasure, but
I can't help my rock 'n' roll dissent,
she doesn't want me to boogie, well I
guess I'll just repent
someone needs to rock the convent

life is but a dream, a dreary melody
living isn't living without R&B

common baby, there's only one thing to do,
the world's on fire, hell's a frozen sty
you don't need sex or drugs to feel good
you don't need wings to fly
common baby, dance and don't be shy

life is but a dream, a dreary melody
living isn't living if it ain't got that swing

all the world has lost it's tune
tears of rage falling from the moon
the music will keep going somewhere
we'll all be there soon
dance today with no fear
you're immune

life is but a dream, a dreary melody
living isn't living if the music doesn't play

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"living isn't living without R&B"

haha wow. Loved the keys, the bass tone, the build up, the words. This song is ace. Enjoyed the rhyming getting convent to match repent and all the nunnery imagery.

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a dirge for the pelican nuns we have become. but like the wise man said, there is a time to dance and a time tp tighten your pants.

Ooooh very nice sounds. Love those keyboards and the vibe of this track. Airy and a really solid melody. Lyrics and structure are awesome. Some small details along the way like the little pitch at 1:38. This was a good listen!

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This has a great sound to it - love the melody and the organ sound, and the lyrics are very witty. You have a great voice too.

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You have a real gift for taking tired old overplayed musical conventions and warping/tweaking them just enough to breathe entirely new life into them while still leaving them weirdly recognizable. I think it's a pretty good recipe for hitmaking.

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Thats a really cool lyric from the opening 2 lines. Such easy listening delivery.

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That is a weird ride--I'm glad you stuck it out and took it to the end. This is all you need to feel good. It's a total delight, from that opening keyboard bit. There's something like innocent joy here, or maybe that very thing

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I love how the first line flows "aunt arctica"... it took me by surprise. I know it's weird thing to get hung up on. It was just great. Biggrin

That 'Walk of Life' organ is winning me over. It's just dreamy. Please, keep making more stuff, this is winner!

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I like when things really kick in, groovy bass line. So we're in a Catholic school in Antarctica? OK!

Love the organ bits too. And guitar doubling the vocal bits is fun. Enjoyable listen all around.

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This is insanely charming and I love the blurred line between penguins and nuns. You handle that delightfully. Everything about this is just infectiously joyful. I love that adorable synth solo line that keeps popping up when everything drops out. I do a little penguin dance when I hear it.

The sounds you've used here are giving off a strong The Bird and The Bee vibe for me, who I love. But it's unique and all your own.
The lyrics themselves are the kind of quirk that appeals to me, and paired with this easy going and fun music, endears itself to the ears.
Love the sounds here. The vocal style fits together with them so perfectly.