0150902020 Kitcen Sink

0150902020 Kitcen Sink

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0150902020 Kitcen Sink

Liner Notes: 

My first attempt this year.

I heard a sample guru talk about 'drag and drop' being the 'kitchen sink effect', that is you just leave a lot of work there that won't work because you dont wan to clean up the mess there.

I think our strategies are like that on a daily basis and it might cause stress and depression.

I would like to write more songs about that kitchen sink, I think it's a catcy theme to work with.


All the loose ends I gathered behind this smiling face
They don’t seem to meet and mend and match my grace
So I stare down in the kitchen sink and notice all the things I left behind
No wonder how they ended there, it’s just an algorithm in my mind

Kitchen sink
Make me think
All the mess in my head
Doesn’t matter now
Erased when I’m dead
Come and clean up this mess
In your everyday dress
So you can feel better than me
Compare mine to the life that you lead

I tried to dress up, I tried to follow a norm of sanity
But it felt like chains, a twist in my sobriety
And I put it all in the kitchen sink and hoped it would melt away
But all I did was pushing it forward for an other day

Kitchen sink
Make me think
Bound to fail,
overwhelmed and bailed
Save it for an other day
When the sun shines brighter
On you
Come and clean up this mess
In your everyday dress
And take away these blues

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Emotional vocal delivery and sensitive accompanying guitar that connects with our own inner 'blues'. However I like your 'blues' so don't 'take them away' too quickly. More please!

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Great theme for a write and yeah, pulled off very nicely here!

Groovy little nylon too Smile I need a new one, usually my goto while hashing out lyrics/chord progressions

Great work!

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I really like this idea. The metaphor for human attitude. And your performance is excellent. Giving me that indie acoustic vibe. I could certainly hear this popping up on Spotify.

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Really lovely melancholy tune. I like the line about "everyday dress" and the mellow guitar. Nice!

Great song! There are at least two different guru schools of thought about messing and cleaning around. One is clean whatever you do, the other is it's all perfectly clean just see it as it is. There are other interpretations I guess and that's where we come and write songs about it.