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2020 07 08 Samantha

Liner Notes: 


sweet as can be
what did she say to me

been around
been up
been down
had she been around Samantha might have shown me how

i didn't know what to say
you took my heart
and stole it away

when we first met
my time were fleeting
but you were young
what book were you reading

samantha you're so fine
should have known all along
you'd rise and shine
samantha get on your horse and ride

seems you stole my heart
shook it up
and really took it apart

is this illusion
is it so real
does the universe lie
when it tells us how we feel

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oh this was too much fun for my sleepy head hahahah!

the video of nonchalantness is just icing on this cake of goodies Smile I was expecting some crooning after seeing the stillpic of video and brief read of lyrics before I pushed play.....oh how wrong I was hahaha I've stayed away from midi/synth controllers for guitar because I'm scared of that rabbit hole, but this has light that wanting fire anew!

well done!

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this is crazy but i cant stop listening i love it! put on the save list really enjoyable - almost morrisonish voice

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This is quite experimentel. I really like your way of singing Even though the elements are quite different from each other, they work well together.