Suckers and Mugs

Suckers and Mugs

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Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by @harrylime give him some love I encouraged him to sign up because a good lyricist is a rare thing. Smile Truly a feast of a song, we did this in lighting time and I like it. Smile -- toms


Gonna get rid of these suckers and mugs
Run out of time no need for drugs
Trying to get home to rest my head
It's been a long time don't wanna get out the lead
I'm almost there to my favorite lair
The whole world is ending and I don't care

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a jolly tune for a casual walk back to the nest as life on earth fizzles out

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aye, I caught this before was put it to music........yup, I wouldn't of taken it that way hahaha well done!

great writes can go many ways Wink

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I wish I could steal @billwhite's line above because he nailed it for this bouncy jaunty end-of-the-world collab

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I'm not certain I know what "suckers and muggs," are but I feel like I know exactly what they are and I'm riding passenger to an old lovable if not curmudgeonly buddy to the jam space. That's probably going to stick with me today.

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A fun driving song with juicy phrases. I must admit I was hoping for multiple guitar solos.

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Very cool! Vivid lyrics and such a nice melody to fluently accompany them. Very well crafted arrangement too.

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You gotta do what you believe is right. Do right by yourself... if you're not wronging somebody else.

I just read *42257 an incredible piece about things that live through generations. Sometimes it's just attitudes. Something somebody said that isn't even alive anymore. And you're still wondering if you'll offend them.

The demo is absolutely an injection of energy. Polished and excellently performed. Makes me feel better about the choices I gotta make. Biggrin

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Another winner! But you lost me with that "no need for drugs" nonsense.

I have a song about everybody on Earth dying but me, but it isn't ready yet. I think you'll like it!

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Who is this harrylime guy anyways? He used the phrase "suckers and mugs" and now he's my new favorite person. A winner to be sure. You should keep him. Do you rent him out?
Too too short Thomas! Your fans want more of you and that yummy guitar.
Hi Harry Lime! Nice to meet you!

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Hello everyone, Harry Lime here! Honestly surprised that *anyone* liked the lyrical content. Tom dragged me kicking and screaming into this, as I thought that my own song-writing days were long since past. But maybe I can keep it up...

@Motisbeard I'm sure there's a few ways to take the line. Personally though, with relatives that have been ruined by addiction (and myself free of alcohol for the better part of two years), it's essentially a personal statement.

@Adnama17 I'm available as long as @TomS is nice and lets me out of the sewer. It was also Tom's idea to use the phrase which I *gladly* locked on to!

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Great song. The dark lyrics and the cheerful music go very well together.

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Short and sweet, and *entirely* too happy about the end of the World as we know it. Bravo!