Just Won't Go Away (Morph 2)

Just Won't Go Away (Morph 2)

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Liner Notes: 

For this morph, I chose to keep the lyrics and change a little emphasis and chord progression. You can read more about the challenge at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/morphs

Thanks @wacha for the evocative lyrics and a very solid song to morph on!

87 BPM

F#m G D F#m
and then


The sun came up
And she needed it
The dust blew in
And she couldn't breathe it
To survive
It's a miracle
She's even alive

The Grand Canyon Heroine
Fights another day
The Grand Canyon Heroine
Just won't
Go away

Scars from
Every battle
Another day
In the saddle
Of those lost
Souls who paid
The highest cost

The Grand Canyon Heroine
Fights another day
The Grand Canyon Heroine
Just won't
Go away

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Great tune and a nice morph from the original. Love the synthpop stylings here.

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Oooh yeah, a complete right turn for the music. Love the echoey canyon effects!

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love those drawn out vocals on top of polyrhythms. lyric is a treasure.

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This caught me right away with the 'synthpop' tag, and I smiled when I heard the first few seconds.
The processing on the vocals is perfect. Love the instrumentation. The vibe is spot on for what my ears wanted from reading the tag.
Great sound choices. I especially love the choice to use the piano for that great, tight little rhythm you got going on. And also an awesome bass sound and patterns, so bendy.
Digging these lyrics as well - they really lend themselves to the vibe.
Wow, this was friggin great.

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Yeah this is why we collab, really good guys. I Like everything about this! The slow decisive vocal delivery is very good.

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Wow, this is amazing! Oddly enough, I had actually wanted to make something more electronic since I was using Lana Del Rey as an inspiration but guitar driven stuff is much easier for me to wrap my head around. I LOVE the arrangement, damn fine job with this!

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Nice arrangement. Like the dreamy vocal. Good beat and vibe. Nice work.

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Wow! the synth really works with this as well....great arrangement and sickeningly poppy for my usual tastes, but I love it hahah....The slow drawn out vocal gives it a ominous flair...great contrast that really works for me with the music.

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Like the fact that the chords spell DEAD and it's reflected in the lyrics.

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Excellent mix of instruments, with those soaring vocals lifting Catherine’s lyrics into the synth pop atmosphere.