Demon, Angel, and Me

Demon, Angel, and Me

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Liner Notes: 

Last year a friend of mine told me I should write a Good Omens song. I said I wouldn't do it unless I could do the book justice. Instead I wrote this one, which could be about Good Omens if you squint, but also contains plenty of wiggle room for plausible deniability. Has potential, but I definitely need to tweak some things and I should write another verse to complete the two half verses


A little naughty. A little nice.
Vanilla ice cream with a little spice
Hedonism and morality
My demon, my angel and me
Part sinner. Part saint.
Licentiousness with a touch of restraint
Damnation and divinity
My demon, my angel and me

There's an angel and a demon inside every human heart
Me and mine are drinking wine, and singing in 3-part
When the world feels like it's ending
Be sure I'll be befriending
My good side and my wicked too
Our little team will see it through

Old leather and a little lace
A touch of mischief and a little grace
Arrogance and humility
My demon, my angel and me

trumpet solo

When the world feels like it's ending
Be sure I'll be befriending
My good side and my wicked too
Our little team will see it through

Take the bitter. take the sweet
A few tricks and a little treat
Theological duality
My demon, my angel and me (we're like a threesome)
My demon, my angel, and me (that didn't sound right)
My demon, my angel and me (it's alright. They were thinking it)

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Holey moley on the lyric! Music is fun and just a little naughty. Always love the idea of writing songs to a book or movie with no soundtrack. Reminds me that I (think I still) have a Neil book on my shelf that I have not read.

Great lyrics, the angel and demon dynamic is fun. The song is full of character, I love the old time feeling. The singing in 3 part bit and the backing vocals at the end were amusing touches. The trumpet solo made for a great break.

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Probably one of my top 10ish favorite books, didn't take a lot of squinting, even though I've heard good things about that show, I still haven't watched it.

This was fun! Great write!

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The barrelhouse feel of the piano sets the story a century before it happened. todays twenties dont roar as loud as those of the previous century, but you do. before the end of the world came into view, people agonized over the relative good and bad of their actions. it seems that now us the time to set the angels and demons on equal footing, and join them both in three part harmony.

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I really love this as it so brilliantly speaks to the dualities that are inherent in all of us - well maybe it is just the two of us - but I can relate. So many great lines that I wish I would have written it. And the trumpet - I love it!

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Oh that orchestration! The lyrics and structure are great, but that trumpet is what grabs me. Terrific use of a distinctive sound without becoming a genre exercise.

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I really enjoyed the playfulness in this. Some really fine descriptions in the lyric. I enjoyed the punchy piano and trumpet...good vocal expression too. Enjoyed the dramatic flair!

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Really good lyric and ive declared my hand on the love of the trumpet. Excellent structure as i expect from you!

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A terrific song about one of my favourite books! Such fun and so well performed. Not a style often heard on FAWM; more please!

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Great little jaunty tune. Love the trumpet solo. Lyrics very clever ... and "That didn't sound right" made me laugh. Lovely and fun!

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OMG, that trumpet is great! Good job on the lyrics to make it "about" the book but with enough "space" so that it could be applicable in other contexts.

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Ah this is lovely, it absolutely has the soul of GO without any copyrightable detail. Love the trad jazz style chording and melody and the trumpet is perfect!