You're Not an Island

You're Not an Island

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You're Not an Island (50/90 - Children's Song Album Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

This is part of a challenge I set for myself to write a children's album as quickly as possible to kick off 50/90, something I'd never done before but have thought about. Thought it would be nice because children's songs are meant to be musically and lyrically simple, so I don't have to try to squeeze too much creativity out of myself. At song #8, I'm nearing the end - just a couple more probably and then onto the next challenge (TBA).

Sorry about the video shaking, I had a precarious set-up with my phone resting on my laptop!


Like it or not, everybody needs some human contact
Without it we might get depressed
And our bodies might not be able to fight an infection
Besides, everybody needs some help sometimes
And it's nice to have a buddy when you have to run an errand

You're not an island, you're just a backyard
In a mostly friendly neighborhood
You'll be sorry if you build your fence too high

I know what it's like, some of us are happier to stay in at night
And people annoy you sometimes
Talking too much and telling stories you don't like
It's fine, if you want to be alone most of the time
As long as you set aside a little time to socialize

And if you don't have a lot of fun with the people you have to see every day
You can find friends just like you all around you, as long as you stay safe
Surround yourself with them and see them every day
That's what we mean when we say "chosen family"
Just like the one that you were born into, but YOU get to decide

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A great update on the classic John Donne "no man is an island" theme. Catchy simple tune, too. You've got a knack for these kids songs. Smile

It can't be that easy to come up with these type songs unless it comes natural, sometimes the simple catchy things are the hardest. This is another good tune that's delivered well with nice lyrics.

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Wonderful feel for a kids song with a relatable supportive message. Nice delivery and upbeat feel on a timely topic.

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Great message and some really fun lines ! I like that it is a positive song in less that positive times Smile