Doing My Best

Doing My Best

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Liner Notes: 

Week 1 challenge to write an introductory song. So here it is.


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Doing My Best

Chorus 1
Introducing todays version of my personal manifestation
Cramming a lifetime into three minutes is mission impossible
Hello I’m Andy Getch version 2020 the latest of 60 regenerations
Doing my best in this friendly league of songwriting vacations

Clearfield County Pennsylvania is a faint childhood memory
Half a century living in Fort Myers Florida
Used to be an engineer planning wider roadways
Doing my best a jack of all trades temporarily retired but not bored

Only ones listening know me from speak-singing mostly terrible songs
Thats okay cause I learn and have fun every time a writing experiment goes terribly wrong
I take the same approach when I get the urge for painting
Doing my best filling in the blank spaces with interesting color blending

Chorus 2
Great you’re still listening to my introductory presentation
About this time I’m wondering if it’s still listenable
I’m still Andy Getch version 2020 the latest of many regenerations
Doing my best to keep the pace in songwriting web locations

I’m driving all-electric, our house has solar panels
Eating plant based being vegan and fossil fuel free as much as practical
Planting native bird and butterfly friendly shrubs and trees
Doing my best living with an attitude of sustainability

Happily married half my life to my very best friend
Downhill the rest of the way but I’m not ready for it to end
Dealing with a lot of unforeseen problems but I want to focus on how I’m blessed
Doing my best living in gratitude and happiness

Chorus 3
Now I’m all finished with my introductory presentation
Doing my best Andy Getch version 2020 regeneration

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I think you nailed a lot of us with the "every time a writing experiment goes terribly wrong." Also, I think you're a bit rough on yourself. And yes, I'm still listening. Honestly, this is a pretty good introduction, especially with all the details about electricity (both house and car) and the rest of the verse. It's hard not to be happy and impressed with your gratitude and happiness mantra. We should all strive to be as good a person as you are trying to be.

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This is the perfect intro to the magic that is your music Andy. Don't be so hard on yourself. This is great. Smile

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I've been wondering how a person could tackle the intro challenge and you've shown me how with a great version! (And I'm still listening!). I really like the way that C#m chord feels—it almost introduces a note of skepticism sometimes.

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This is a really great intro song! The lyrics felt really comprehensive, almost like an autobiography book distilled into a song, haha (also well-written though). And the music had a really nice calming quality to it between the soft vocals (which almost had a sensation of moving in waves) and the mostly soft, picky guitar.

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I totally love this Andy! I love the details And learning more about you, the sensitivity and the kindness conveyed which is so you and the sense of humor and humility. Lovely.

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Nice one - great intro- but hey i know and play all these chords!!! nice one Andy

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Even though I knew all this about you (I disagree about the terrible songs and paintings!), I still totally enjoyed this. Cool chords and guitar, and the speak-singing is what this one calls for.

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A friendly lyric that would go over well live. "Doing my best in gratitude and happiness" is a great message.

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makes me think that audio bios might be the way to go when applying for jobs or senior housing

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this is fun. It's like a brief history of Andy Getch.