Hey Little Bookworm

Hey Little Bookworm

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Hey Little Bookworm (50/90 - Children's Song Album Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

This is part of a challenge I set for myself to write a children's album as quickly as possible, something I'd never done before but have thought about. Thought it would be nice because children's songs are meant to be musically and lyrically simple, so I don't have to try to squeeze too much creativity out of myself. This is song #7 and I'm planning on writing somewhere between 1 & 3 more for this before moving onto my next challenge TBA.

This is an anti-bullying song specifically addressed to a kid who likes to read and is being bullied by kids I pictured riding dirtbikes and doing tricks on them. I thought of the word "bookworm" and for some reason decided "bikeworm" was a thing that made sense, and here we are. Overall I like the song though. And nothing against people who ride bikes, even if you do tricks on them through your golden years! That just happened to be the activity of choice of the bully characters I envisioned.


Hey little bookworm
Head in a book
I know those little bikeworms point and laugh at you
Hey little bookworm, always all alone
Except when you're the teacher's pet, she's so proud of you

Hey little bookworm
Don't be upset
You're winning a battle every time you learn something new
Hey little bookworm, they don't know a thing
Just wait till they're out in the world and they're gonna need you

You read your science books while they do their tricks
You read your music books while they do their tricks
And your fantasy books while they do their tricks
till one day...

You're curing their diseases while they do their tricks
Making new discoveries while they do their tricks
Teaching all their children while they do their tricks
Writing bestsellers while they do their tricks
till they break a hip...

Today you're a bookworm, tomorrow you'll be great
Today he's a bikeworm, tomorrow he's a bikeworm
In 55 years he won't be doing anything at all

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I like your melody and that's a great title/concept for a song. Your vocal is clear and has a good tone. I tend to think writing songs for children isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. But you sure seem to have the knack for it.

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I love the plot twist in the last two sections, and oh that 'till they break a hip' line Smile

Nice song, the melody is very nice and catchy. Your voice is great on here and the lyrics have a very comforting and encouraging quality. The hey little bookworm is just too catchy. Well done!

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I like the way you hold on the "worm" that's a really nice pause at the beginning. This is a another really catchy and fun song. Very nice job once again!