So Good

So Good

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Liner Notes: 

Thought I'd write something a little (or a lot) sensual. Needs music and vocals.


So Good
© 2020 Cindy Prince

From that first look you took me down
Down where love gets real
From that first touch I felt I'd drown
In the deepest water of ocean teal

From that first kiss I was like a kitten
Purring for more and more
From that first night I was smitten
I was deep in like never before

It's love
It's lust
I must have all of you
It's good, so good
It's you
It's me
Do you see baby
Love me like you should

You taste like no other
Be my forever lover

From that first time I was filled
With passion on fire
From that first weekend I was thrilled
With such unrelenting desire

Repeat chorus

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*finds a fan to cool off with*

yup, that's pretty passionate and sensual all right.

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Woo! I had to loosen my collar after this one. Too bad Donna Summer isn't around to sing this one. VERY sexy! Nice job!!

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Woof! I might like to take a crack at this if no one else claims it. I can hear it in my head already!

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Good, tight writing, Cindy! I enjoyed those rhymes too...smitten/kitten especially!! It's got great attitude and I can't wait to hear it!