Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion

Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion

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Liner Notes: 

Lo-fi one-track ukulele tune.

I don't really have a point here, I was just amusing myself.

I've never used a "vision board" in my life, but if it works for you then hey, go for it.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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had wild man fisher lived long enough to get better and better. might he have risen to the point of writing a song as entertaining as this?

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I really enjoyed the effervescence of this young tune in the popular ukelele style. I will sing it to my turnips to ward off turnip depression. Very catchy.

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This one has such great energy. I'm sitting turning my bed into a mini mosh pit. Maybe Iggy Pop could have a go at this. That "better and better" refrain demands that one sing along. Lots of wry humor here. I definitely feel better now

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A great description of the modern person. This is brilliant, Fuzzy!

See You In The Shadows…

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The subtext is funny (or is it?) but the storytelling is direct and bristles with tension, which is really cool. Once you catch the pattern, it's a fun ride to imagine someone's day being ruined when you know the chorus is coming and it's ok. You could be 100% not facetious when you repeat the mantra but it's still comedic because it's ironic. Big fun!

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You amused me as well. Thanks!

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This made grin on a day where I really needed it! Thank you for this wonderful gift. Smile

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"trying not to suck, since I learned about karma" hahaha Think I'll jot that down on my vision board Smile

This was just pretty marvelous...did sound like a blast....great choice on the uke too....I don't think this would of been near as amusing on anything else, maybe a very badly played accordian hah, but then would of probably just been annoying.

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Well, I myself lost it when you got to the line about the family getting lost in the shopping mall. This is sort of like the "smile and it will make you happy" line of thinking. Just keep telling yourself it's all okay . . . ! Too good.

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I find the lyrics and story delightful, but what really strikes me is the super cool chord progression. Kind of uke punk metal. Great to hear your inspired madness again!

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This is really catchy ("the better and better" is a real earworm) and smart ... "try not to suck" is my favorite line, and all the stuff about the vision board is hilarious, as is the lines about losing a family in the shopping mall. What are the chords? I'd like to cover it!

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Not "punk" per se, but this definitely has a strong ukepunk vibe to me. Terrific lyrics delivered in a perfect lo-fi straight-ahead fashion that really speak to living in the modern world.

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Well, yeah, you totally are. Duh.
"Trying not to suck" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Story of my life! Wink

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I'm listening to this after the cover, I love both equally. I really like the aggressive/frustrated feel to the tone of your voice and ukulele. There is a different kind of frustration and desperation felt in this, original, version. Very nice tune!