The Ukulele Band

The Ukulele Band

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Liner Notes: 

I've set up a virtual band! I was encouraged by comments by @IA on a ukulele jazz instrumental I did and decided to create a kind of ukulele band that plays jazzy pop ukulele music. I remembered the Bonzo Dog 'The Intro and the Outro' for the spoken section in this tune. More songs to come ...........


How do you do? We’re the ukulele band
How are you? Hope your doing grand
We got some jazz, we got some blues
We'll play them just for you

Here’s Luke Left on the ukulele - finger pickin’ good
Band Aid Rod on the piano - plays with almost all his fingers.

That's the little Ukulele Band.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a joy this is to hear! My toes are tapping and it is a band!

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Excellent clean uke notes. Yup it keeps that jazzy feel from before. Nice

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This is very entertaining! I enjoyed the humor in the lyric. lol The vocal delivery and music has a ton of fun oozing from them. Well done!

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Super fun, a whole set of songs seems like a good idea to me. Great Red Hot Trio stylings and tongue in cheek lyrics.

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A sweetie! The uke sounds so...jazzy... it's astounding. A great gig opener! Download! "Plays with almost all his fingers" a killer line!

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Charming lounge-act intro. Nice soloing and repartee!

Straight to the point. I like the nonchallant atmosphere and casual vocals. Ant the uke is great!

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This swings in such a charming, laid-back way! And that welcoming, warm, fun vocal - good stuff!

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So much fun in this, except that it’s over far too quickly!

Fabulous instrumentation, great lyrics, and a perfect vocal.

Brilliant! #jazzhands

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This has a very classic early standard sort of feel. I love everything about it, but especially your fingerpicking. So much fun! And the band introduction was so much fun!