Minor Correction

Minor Correction

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Liner Notes: 

I don't know about this. I sort of hate it.

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Very cool and Experimental! In my mind I See people dancing to this at an electro party at two in the morning.

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I sort of hate it too! It may get stuck in my head hahaha, It's actually quite a bit of fun give it another listen in a few days Smile A whole mixture of stuff going on here that really goes well together, in a synth-funkadelicious way ....A rather morbid circus tune of sorts.

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That's a great ride very sideways, Like Godley & Creme making EDM.

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Love the chosen samples, and the build. Erie and perfectly dissonant under the rhythmic foundation. Very cool!

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dzd got it spot on, I think: Morbid Circus Tune. Something you'd hear in a crazy modern goth-circus slasher flick. I like it.

See You In The Shadows…

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Love the smash-type vibe! Cool! I can definitely feel myself dancing to it.

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I dunno, man. Where you might have said that you *hate* it - I'm kinda diggin' the late night, somewhat eerie party vibe that's happening here. There are a few cues that I'm taking away from this....