Nun of Your Business

Nun of Your Business

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Liner Notes: 

I guess nuns are the theme now. Who wants to dress up as nuns and go play some wacky songs with me?


why do you wear that funny dress?
who do you think you're trying to bless? not me
how much can you bench press?

well I'm not saying
'cause it's nun of your business
it's nun of yours!

have you ever been in love, or are you
saving all lovin' for the man above
have you ever smoked a cigarette, sister
I didn't mean to make you upset, but
we just wanna know

but I'm not saying
cause it's nun of your business
it's nun of yours!
I said it's nun of your business
nun nun nun of yours

do you sometimes wanna be free
from your ascetic ways
and run, run away


don't you wanna be free?

well I'm not saying
'cause it's nun of your business

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this is a wild track with a new twist on the mind your own business trope. terrific vocals in both the nun and her interrogator roles

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this is a really impressive crazy song. very catchy and funny.

Oh awesome! This has an awesome groove and feeling. That organ adds so much, and the lyrics are mad fun. The chorus is super cool, the guitar gets more intense and the bass picks up. Great flow to this song, it drops into that bridge perfectly. Every section of this song is purposeful and smooth. The "run" section goes on for longer than I figured and that's cool, it was a good build up. Tight song!

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Heck yeah, let's dress up as nuns and get up to all kinds of hijinx!!
This is a real rokkin tune here.
The organ-filled bridge is awesome.
Sweet guitar workout, too.
What a super catchy tune you got here!

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You're great at quirky stuff and this is a wonderful example. I like the organ stuff you've been doing lately. . . looking forward to more of that on Mot Juste recordings!

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That surf guitar caught my attention immediately.

The energy and speed to this is infectious!

The vocals are excellent. This is absolutely one of my 5090 favorites from this year. Great performance, great composition, great lyrics... so inventive!

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This is some great organ/guitar fun Wink poor backup band getting a workout Smile

little run run run...break towards the end was especially tasty

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Ha! This is GREAT! I love the energy and movement! The questions are wonderful and I love the perspective you bring! Fantastic sound! My summer job at college was cleaning the nun’s rooms on campus as well as occasionally playing in a polka band so they could dance or playing bridge with some of the older nuns. Once and awhile they invited a few of us to dine In their private dining room. You capture the mystery about their lives so well.

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Thanks, the lyrics are fabulous and put a smile on my face
Love the deadpan delivery too

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Ace fun. The organ on this is a growling beast and I love it so much. Which ever of these nuns was the organist had a bad glint in her eye, that's for sure. Check out that ending!
Again, inspired stuff. Love it.