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Liner Notes: 

My favourite so far this 50/90

Started with the bassline - a friend gave me his old bass a few months back and I've not actually used it to record anything yet. I don't have a bass amp - in fact I barely have a guitar amp, just a cheap little practice amp - so was expecting it to sound pretty terrible but I actually don't think the bass sounds too bad.

Found the clip of a guy saying "talk" in ableton's samples bank and played around with it, I liked the idea of it as an echoing one word hook. Then I grabbed a sample of a horn section, chopped a tiny bit out of it and stretched it to about 8 times it's original length to get that long, one note horn swell, and then messed around with the pitch a bit.

Wanted to make a dancefloor banger about mental health, but the lyrics weren't coming to me, in the end I liked the idea of keeping the lyrics sparse and dropping in a clip from a therapist's youtube video.


yeah we should talk,
It will never get better if you don't open up so just...

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the part of the therapists rap that works best for me is "get support get help" because is folded neatly into the rhythm.

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Aye, the sparse lyric works supremely well here. And yeah, the bass sounds pretty good to my ears. And the playing/bass line is good, too. No-one should find fault in that message. And only partially because of the totally cool way you relay it. I can definitely see why this has a star on it. Needs a couple more.

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Love that brass swell! And yeah that bass sound is nice and thick and dark. The beat is super crunchy and punchy too - generally a really nice mix. Excellent use of the few-lyrics-smartly-deployed thing, I find it harder to write very short lyrics when I've tried this kind of thing (dunno if that's a common thing? it's way easier to get Extremely Wordy for me) so very nice work indeed.

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That was so cool! Had a bit of a 60s flare, I think. Enjoyed the sparse lyrics, of course. Smile

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This is great, it has an awesome grove, that new bass you got works really well. The repeating positive message is really effective, nicely done.

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Some excellent sounds littered around these, the hypnotic brass (ensemble), the beefy bassline, the beats. The lyrical economy is perfect to the point where i'm not sure that the spoken word section is really needed (though the 'get support, get help' bits are mega catchy)