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Liner Notes: 

I like messing around with the sound on sound tape loop function of my El Capistan delay because the loops degrade and you can create soundscapes that morph from one thing to another. I was wondering what it might sound like to create one and then flip it it in Logic for that distinctive reversed tape guitar sound, and build a track around it. It was really fun having to build backwards, starting with the most intense part and work down to the beginning so that when the track was reversed it would feel right.

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aye nice reverse work!'s tricky business Wink even duplicating process sometimes yields disastrous results. This comes and stays together great!

Very nice work!

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Love this. Very crunchy throughout. Good use of a synth pad under everything. I like the iciness of the digital drum sounds under the very organic sounding guitar, but also some saturation on the drums/cymbals during the loud parts could be cool too. Excited to hear more like this.

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