Embracing His Stuff

Embracing His Stuff

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Liner Notes: 

Remember, if you clap on the two and four your soul may be in jeopardy.

Mixed for headphones, of course!

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This put my head in the right place for the day. The only problem is that instead of listening to more 5090, I now need to spend some time with Third Reich and Roll

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This is so perfect and a great response to a video circulating on social media on the evils of syncopation. My frontal lobe has been crossed! Love the lyrics and great sound! This really made me smile!

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The timing does things to your mind, love it! The taking over it worked really well for this weirdo uke feeling. The part at 1:14 is so awesome, it's like it gets into some relief for a second and glides away nicely. Very cool song.

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This is just plain strange in the best way possible. The theme is incredible. This is definitely the right wrong stuff

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!!! I stand corrected I didn't think a uke could ever creep me out Smile Must of been my clapping Wink

So glad this is the first thing I've heard since waking up! Gonna be a good day Wink

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Hah, syncopation is the work of the devil. And modern-day voodoo worshippers. The power of syncopation. It's a moral issue. I think you're really on to something here. Maybe I should listen to bland music and turn my life around.

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You got me. Sign me up. Take my money. Hail Haydn.

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It's high time someone highlighted this appalling issue, and the acute moral dangers of listening to bad hopelessly cliched conformist music and pointed them towards my own healthy and 100% pure weirdo music. I thank you, sir.
I couldn't work out if that was you speaking or the devil attempting to deceive us.

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Deliciously weird, evil & thought-provoking. I feel like I'm eaves-dropping in on a conversation between Evangelists or a twisted sermon. A great start to 50-90, my friend!

See You In The Shadows…

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I saw the FB post. This is a brilliant interpretation! I love it! Biggrin

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Characteristically insane-yet-catchy stuff from The Master. Love the almost tuba-like tones of the melodica and the doubled vox of the God botherers. "And it leaves my thinking intact!" Indeed.

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I knew it!
Damn emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So wait, if I think logically about all this, I will realize I need to run away from the Devil and towards God? But if I'm thinking logically, doesn't it stand to reason I might figure out that all religion is a joke?
I think I am more confused than when I first started listening to this. Thanks a lot!

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This is the best kind of blasphemy, I love it