Country Steps

Country Steps

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Liner Notes: 

This idea came with my morning coffee. Love to have someone pick this one up.


Country Steps
© 2020 Cindy Prince

It'd been a long time since I was barefoot
My feet squishing in the red clay
But I've been longing to see Texas
And the creek and fields where I'd play

It's been a long time since I went fishin'
Those afternoons with my old man
Some days we didn't catch nothin'
I want that bit of heaven again

I'm takin' country steps to the past
Country steps of memories that last
My old man has gone on
But I'm takin' my son
Cause the years go by too fast

Crawdads in the creek
Old swimmin' holes
Afternoons with bare feet
Homemade cane poles

These past days have been so healing
So I'm lookin' at the old homested
I want my son to have freedom to run
I know there are great times ahead

Repeat chorus

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I share some of those fond memories. Your words paint a clear picture.

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Such a strong story. I've never been to these places but you paint a picture that lets me see them clearly.
Got some ideas for music for this. Will post something soon. (Days later!........) Here it is